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NEW BLOG...can't wait.

To the two or three people who might read this, this is the beginning of my next Blog Series. I am hoping I can keep this one up and forth going.

Just a heads up, my grammar is bad and sometimes, I just want to get something out there. I can also be sarcastic and offensive.  In the words of Michael Jackson "I'm a lover, night a fighter".  But some days...

I am mostly here because I got tired of all the noise on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  I have a lot of feelings to give and have had to suppress them because some might get removed or I get a lot of crap from the all-knowing pariahs of people who disagree with me.  This is a different world from 15 years ago. Some great advancements, some de-evolving actions as well.

I love the background of this blog, with the space theme. This represents my childhood. I never dreamed to being an astronaut or anything like that. I more spent my growing-up years looking at the sky and desiring to make films that took place in space. …

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